Upcoming Events:

All Day Crop 10/22/16 9AM - 11PM

Election Day BBQ 11/8/2016 4PM till sold out - $10 per Dinner. Eat in or Take Out

Santa Breakfast 12/3/16 9AM

RSVP @ 229-2400 or 229-5505


Courage. Commitment. Brotherhood.

The Bristol Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. is an independent organization of men and women dedicated to the preservation of life and property of the residents of the town of Bristol, New York. We volunteer our time, talents, and energy to advance our knowledge of fire fighting, emergency medicine, and fire prevention so that we may improve the standard of life for our neighbors and fellow townsfolk. We are a not-for-profit corporation which procures and maintains vehicles, equipment and buildings to house this equipment.

Not only are we committed to providing the best possible firefighting and emergency medical services to the town, but we strive for and actively seek to continuously improve our service by reducing our response time, increasing our efficiency, constantly improving our skills, and maintaining a modern complement of firefighting equipment.


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